Joon Pyo Dash is based on a famous korean politician "joon pyo hong (홍준표) ”


This game is absolutely FREE!

Joon Pyo Hong is a popular member of National Assembly in korea. He was an incorruptible prosecutor in 1980's of Korea and has successfully elected as the member of National Assembly 4 times.


Joon Pyo Dash has been developed to dedicate to this great man.


We promise Joon Pyo Dash will give you an exhilarating experience in a simple yet addictive game which all ages can enjoy.

*** Awesome Bonuses! ***

Grab 2 of the same items (below) and experience numerous and electrifying effects!

::Heart Item:: Earn 1 Extra Life for extended game play!

::Star Item:: Grow in size and experience invincibility!

::Clover Item:: Shrink in size but jump farther!

::Speed Item:: Burst through the stage by jumping 2x as far!

*** Features ***

* Race in exotic locations: Seoul city Korea !

* Smooth and Fluid Graphics

* Fancy Designed 2D Characters

* Global Leader boards
Compete against players from around the world!

* Responsive gameplay for accurate timing

* Simple-tap gameplay

*** Game Buttons ****

* Double Jump Button: Tired of dying so quickly? With this button jump super high with a double jump

* Light Button: Kick the turtle and extend your precious lead!


* Special Tip: Execute a Kick after a double jump and be rewarded with one extra jump!




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