Hurry! Cinderella, before the magic is gone! ★


'Cinderella dash' is a physics based slide and jump game.  Cinderella becomes a figure skater riding fantastic ice hills.


Slide down the hills and jump up into the sky. Perform beautiful figure skating skills.


Go faster than the moon! or the magic spell will be wear off. When the moon sets, game will be over. So dash as fast as you can!


Enjoy fun and exciting rides of your own with a variety of moves.


May the exciting fun be with you!


- Highlights


* Cinderella becomes a figure skater

* Simple but challenging arcade game

* Screen zooms dynamically in and out while riding

* Perform a variety of moves on ice hills

* 3D character showing smooth and fantastic moves

* 8 beautiful techniques made with 3D motion capture technology

* Enjoy all 7 stages of exotic and beautiful sceneries

* Check out your Global Ranking 

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