'Angry Dragons' is a shooting game application which reinterprets the classic arcade era game.

'Angry Dragons' guarantees the amusement. "Bored." "No more fun games?" Do not grumble. 'Angry Dragons' will blow your boredom! Try it and you won't regret it.



* Story

Before the birth of the humankind, there were legendary dragons in the space. They were peace loving creatures, and were keeping the order of the universe.

As the human race started to fly, it became hard to keep the peace in the universe between the human race and the dragons.

As the 'Dragon stone' was found to be the infinite energy source by the humans, they stole the yeouiju.

Now the bloody battle of the dragons for 'Dragon stone' begins.

* Features

- Colorful and thrilling graphics make your heart beat!

- A battle between the dragons and the combat planes from the 1910s to the distant future!

- 6 distinctive dragons!

- Red Baron, P47, apache, Sukhoi, and Space Battleships. Combat planes in the past and in the future mobilized!

- Distinctive Boss beyond imagination appear!

- A thrilling sound!

- And bonus games

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