Ace Surfer in your pocket! Conquer the wave by beating every competitors!

Jump, flip, Tap, swipe, hold and tilt! Up until the more powerful ace surfer you become!




★ 6 unique ocean scenes with beautifully designed real wave.
★ Competitive multiplayer mode with up to 4 of your friends!
★ Simple tap-swipe-and-play action.
★ 8 unique world surfers with highly individual designs.
★ 6 different surfboards to increase your power to defeat competitors
★ And bonus game!









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저희 회사 신작 게임이 완성을 눈앞에 두고 있습니다.

제목은 'Ace surfer' 입니다. 제목 그대로 파도타기 게임 입니다..^^

빠르면 2주후 늦으면 3주후에 아이폰에 출시할 예정입니다~~

한 여름에 출시해야 되는데...늦었네요...^^;;

이 게임은 저희 회사 최초로 네트워크 요소도 집어 넣었습니다.

근거리 통신망에서 네트워크 대전이 됩니다..

유료로 출시할까 무료로 출시할까..고민입니다..어차피 둘다 안벌리는거..무료로 일단 출시로 맘은 정했긴 했는데...실제로 출시되면 많이 받아주세요..^^





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'Angry Dragons' is a shooting game application which reinterprets the classic arcade era game.

'Angry Dragons' guarantees the amusement. "Bored." "No more fun games?" Do not grumble. 'Angry Dragons' will blow your boredom! Try it and you won't regret it.



* Story

Before the birth of the humankind, there were legendary dragons in the space. They were peace loving creatures, and were keeping the order of the universe.

As the human race started to fly, it became hard to keep the peace in the universe between the human race and the dragons.

As the 'Dragon stone' was found to be the infinite energy source by the humans, they stole the yeouiju.

Now the bloody battle of the dragons for 'Dragon stone' begins.

* Features

- Colorful and thrilling graphics make your heart beat!

- A battle between the dragons and the combat planes from the 1910s to the distant future!

- 6 distinctive dragons!

- Red Baron, P47, apache, Sukhoi, and Space Battleships. Combat planes in the past and in the future mobilized!

- Distinctive Boss beyond imagination appear!

- A thrilling sound!

- And bonus games

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  1. jaket online bandung 2012.11.19 21:30  댓글주소  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    이 게시물은 웹 프로그래머와 관련된 모든 새 개인 홈 페이지의 지원에 좋은 결실이며 그들이 연구하고 연습을 수행해야합니다.

Joon Pyo Dash is based on a famous korean politician "joon pyo hong (홍준표) ”


This game is absolutely FREE!

Joon Pyo Hong is a popular member of National Assembly in korea. He was an incorruptible prosecutor in 1980's of Korea and has successfully elected as the member of National Assembly 4 times.


Joon Pyo Dash has been developed to dedicate to this great man.


We promise Joon Pyo Dash will give you an exhilarating experience in a simple yet addictive game which all ages can enjoy.

*** Awesome Bonuses! ***

Grab 2 of the same items (below) and experience numerous and electrifying effects!

::Heart Item:: Earn 1 Extra Life for extended game play!

::Star Item:: Grow in size and experience invincibility!

::Clover Item:: Shrink in size but jump farther!

::Speed Item:: Burst through the stage by jumping 2x as far!

*** Features ***

* Race in exotic locations: Seoul city Korea !

* Smooth and Fluid Graphics

* Fancy Designed 2D Characters

* Global Leader boards
Compete against players from around the world!

* Responsive gameplay for accurate timing

* Simple-tap gameplay

*** Game Buttons ****

* Double Jump Button: Tired of dying so quickly? With this button jump super high with a double jump

* Light Button: Kick the turtle and extend your precious lead!


* Special Tip: Execute a Kick after a double jump and be rewarded with one extra jump!




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남녀노소어린아이 누구나 쉽게 즐길 수 있는 푸시푸시챔프!!

지금 Android 마켓에서 푸시 푸시 챔프 앱을 확인해보세요!

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So cool Run&Jump iPhone game! RABBIT DASH'

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