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  1. 2013.01.31 USA Dash PREMIUM for iPhone appstore!

★ Highly addictive, Run&Jump game ★


★ No Ad, Give you 60,000 Coins! ★



USA Dash PREMIUM is definitely one of the most well polished Run&Jump games!


This game is a "dash" or "runner" game similar to the likes of Jetpack Joyride, Robot Unicorn Attack, or Canabalt.


Very simple operations, just use your 2 fingers!


Are you a patriot? Do the USA Dash PREMIUM!


- Features:
★ No Ad, Give you 60,000 Coins.
★ Highly addictive fast runner play.
★ equip 9 unique characters and special abilities.
★ Very easy attack system.
★ Beautiful USA landscapes.
★ Dynamic sound effects and BGM.



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